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Images of the LHF-Istanbul Fourth Conference in Istanbul: ‘Levantine lifestyles on the Princes’ Islands’, 21 September 2019 - flyer: - brochure: - in the press:

Welcome speech by Patricia Gazze.

Jonathan Beard giving the opening talk.

Welcome speech by the Mayor of the Islands Erdem Gül.

Welcome speech by Silvio Ovadia of Büyükada Anadolu Kulübü, the former Prinkipo Yacht Club.

First session with Rinaldo Marmara, Nuri Colakoğlu and Fortunato Maresia.

One of the LHF-Istanbul organisers, Fabrizio Casaretto.

Buildings and grounds of Anadolu Kulübü, the former Prinkipo Yacht Club, established by British Levantines - a brochure from 1932.

The former Hacopoulos mansion (recently restored to its original ownership).
The former Mizzi mansion.
Many thanks to Hüseyin Avni (with sun-hat on), our guide who manages 1001 İstanbul.
The former Tubini mansion.
The former John Avramidis (Con Paşa) mansion, recently restored to its former grandeur by Lucien Arkas.
Thank you to Lucien Arkas (centre with sun-glasses on) for his hospitality, flanked by Derya Tolgay (coordinator of Dünya Mirası Adalar) & Jonathan Beard (LHF trustee), in the garden of the John Avramidis mansion - click image to enlarge.
The Sébah & Joaillier archive photo exhibition organised by the Joailler great-great-great-grandson, Fabrizio Casaretto of LHF-Istanbul with many photos depicting the Princes’ Islands, displayed along the ferry pier of Büyükada as part of Istanbul Biennial 2019.
Entrance to the Vatican summer embassy.

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors (Erol Makzume, Catoni Group) who helped make this conference a success.

archive postcard views of the island: