The remains of the Profiti Elia monastery (construction started 1844, opened 1846) standing today in the edge of a military zone (previously inside, recently placed outside) in Yeşildere, photographed 2016.

Postcard view from before 1922 - further views of this area:

Archive image of the entrance portion of this monastery. As can be seen the 3 upper windows were blocked-off at this stage for some reason, with rendering only applied to this facade.

The view showing the remains of the monastery next to the busy road to Buca / Gaziemir, that was recently enlarged as show.

The building standing today represents the core of the building. The two side wings and the front portico (nartex) with its 9 arches no longer stands.

These images are courtesy Engin Karaman and show the level of damage to this monastery, however it is still structurally recoverable and there are vague plans to restore it in the future by the city authorities. Perhaps part of the problem is designing an appropriate use of this building post-restoration in its isolated location.

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