image courtesy of Jacques Caporal
Taken from the genealogical magazine ‘GE’ (no. 204, May 2001 - 7 pages), the Guiffray family has been traced up to early 16th century in Savoie and enclosed is the baptismal certificate of Magali Guiffray demonstrating her parentage:
Daugther of Marie Antoinette Suzanne Guy who in turn was the daughter of Jean Arthur Guy (French Consul in the city) and of Marie Louise Camille Brunet, and who in turn was the son of Joseph Guy and Elisabeth Françoise Grange. Her mother, Marie Antoinette Suzanne Guy met her husband Yves Joseph Ernest Guiffray, resident in Smyrna, during her holidays there. The baptismal ceremony took place at the Catholic Church of Göztepe, the godfather is Maurice Verbeke, husband of Eliane Guiffray, sister of Yves and the godmother Françoise Guy, daughter of Arthur thus sister of Suzanne.
Additional information on the Guiffray family in this article:
François Benoit Guiffray, born 13.11.1819 in Avenières, married in Marseille on 9th of May 1846 Claire Dussaud. She was the sister of Elie and Elzéar Dussaud (Elzéar is a typical Provence name). The Dussauds were famous constructors, specialising in harbour construction and they were charged with the construction of Izmir harbour and quais. As their commisionaires were not able to pay them, they became owners of the company “Societé des quais de Smyrne” which was founded in 1867.
Elie Jules Guiffray, born in Marseille 7.9.1849, son of François and Claire Dussaud, arrived in Izmir in 1871. He became a member of the board and later president of the board of administrator of the Company belonging to his cousins. His son Elzéar Jules Noël, born in Smyrna 25.12.1878, married in Smyrna on 20.4.1903 Jeanne Gabrielle Marie Caroline Aynaud. Elzéar Guiffray’s main occupation, after 1913, was “Administrateur Délégué de la Société des Quais de Smyrne”. His brother Fernand Guiffray was, at a time, the director of the tramway company “Compagnie des tramways de Smyrne”. Among their 5 children Yves Joseph Ernest Guiffray was Magali Noël’s father.
Three generations of Guiffray lived in Smyrna. Their house was situated between the French Consulate (the land of this consulate was given by the Guiffray family) and Punta. Today it is occupied by the German Consulate. - additional information courtesy of Jacques Caporal.