The death notice of Henri Zellich of Constantinople.

An earlier Henri Zellich was the first to come to Constantinople, he was the widower of Anastasia Renouard and on October 28, 1820, in the Cathedral of Holy Spirit in Constantinople, he married my grand-aunt Fanny Giannetti, widow of Francesco Ferri.
According to the ‘Annuaire Oriental du commerce’ (Cervati Frères, Constantinople 1891) the firm ‘Zellich et Fils’ was Austrian (but Croatia was part in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, part under military occupation of the same). The printing house with lithography was in Impasse Balcon 4, 6 in Pera and had a branch with a stationer’s shop in rue Yorgandjilar 25 in Galata. - lettercover from this firm from 1920:
The three sons of Antoine Zellich lived in the same street of the firm: Gregoire, the head (and, if I’m right the great-grandfather of Edwin Zellitch), in impasse Balcon 11, Michel at n. 17 and Nicolas, the administrator, at n. 8; Henri’s house was always in Pera, but in rue Orta 30 - information courtesy of Guido Buldrini.
Information on the Croatian production of 2011: “Zelic- Printers to the Empire”.