Left to right: unknown, Frank Turner (general manager of Gary Tobacco Company), Ida Whittall Turner (daughter of Frank Turner and Eva Whittall), unknown, and Courtney Sharpe (Frank’s first cousin and my mother), Portaria, Greece, 1937.
Eva Whitall was the daughter or Alfred Richard Whittall (b. 1861, d. in Samsun) and his first wife Lily Tristram. Eva had a sister named Enid. Alfred Whittall was in turn the son of Charlton Arthur Whittall (b. 1916) merchant in Smyrna and Constantinople, and Elise Icard.
Ida Turner Donnat who died 16 March 2000 in a convent in Lisbon, Portugal left behind a 271-page manuscript titled ‘The Inside Outsiders’ which is largely autobiographical, but it contains quite a bit of Whittall and Levantine history. Ida’s body language indicates that as a teenager her relationship with her father was complicated by her parents’ separation. According to her book, Ida was born on 5 January 1919.
Photo taken by Courtney Sharpe in Constantinople during the summer of 1937.
The text reads: ‘Entrance to Constantinople bazaars: Ida Turner, Mrs. King (who showed us the city), Beth Fuller and Frank Turner.’
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Page 240 - more information on Frederick Edwin Whittall
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Sample pages from the diary of Ida Turner.