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An edition of Ruzname-i Ceride-i Havadis, dated 11th July 1862 (3 Muharrem 1278) Thursday edition no: 174. Ruzname means daily broadcast.
Samples: The head of treasury Mehmed R. Pasa, due to ailment in his eyes will be travelling to Berlin for treatment.
The governor of Crete, İsmail Pasa following his meeting with the Sultan Abdülaziz has departed for his return to Crete.
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Ruzname-i edition, 20th March 1862 (19 Ramazan 1278), edition 351, front page,
Samples: The Sultan visited and made enquiries at the site of the construction of barracks in Galatasaray, Beyoğlu [Pera].
A list for the denominations of paper money which will no longer be legal tender in March.
The Italians in Istanbul organized a fund raising day in honour of General Garibaldi, which included a social event for 400 persons held at the Hocel Gum theatre in Beyoğlu.

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Samples: The arrival of the French ambassador’s ship to Istanbul.
With the thaw in the River Danube, the resumption of the services by the ships of the Lloyd’s Company.
On his voyage to Sudan, the grand-duke of Koburk has arrived to Alexandria after the ship’s stop in Corfu.
The value of trade with Britain in 1861 totalled 125 million, a reduction of 10 million liras from 1860, is reported by the London press.
Due to the severe economic conditions experienced by the State of Greece, the Bank of Athens is in debt by 2 million and 150 thousand drahmis.
The son of the rebellious Greek naval minister by agreement with the former Canea (Crete) Consul Kanaris and his ruffians, while being in transit to imprisonment to the Kitrus peninsula, captured the captain, and sailed to freedom (it is indicated that the information for this news was obtained from the French postal ship).
Decision between France and Prussia on the officials that are to arrive at a consensus.
Due to the major floods that affected Germany and Austria, the Austrian government is in debt by 10 thousand florins and that there was a collection by the major merchants to aid those suffering.
Segments from the travelog journal of Heredotus who died 2,278 years ago.
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Samples: A listing of the exchange rates between various units of Ottoman currency and the currencies of Britain, France etc.
Notice: The cloth merchant, Hristo Efendi, as a result of his recent resignation, all those who are owed money and can prove it, can visit the trade house between the 5th and 25th of March 1862 to recieve their funds.

Notice heading: ‘The ongoing construction of the İzmir to Aydın railway’.
Announcement declaring the amount of shares remaining with the treasury from the ongoing İzmir to Aydın railway construction.
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An announcement by the London Company, following the meeting of the board of directors in the company’s head office in London in February 1861, deciding on a new constitution, and the new regulations to be followed by the shareholders in Constantinople and Smyrna, to be made effective from the 11th of April 1862, signed on behalf of the London Company, the Constantinople agent Henry Hanson, the secretary Mr Cook and owner of the company, Sir Macdonald.
An auction to be held 09.03.1862, Friday at 6:30, for the stone-built shop of Signor Antonio, with a facade to the high-street and one to the Swedish street.
An auction, with rules enclosed, of a pharmacy located on the Beyoğlu caddesi [Grand Rue de Pera] with its own wood store and pantry.
The availability of the second volume of the Napoleon history in the shop of Halil Hacı Hüseyin Efendi for 25 kuruş.