Images of the Bangor. It is said that William Page travelled to Smyrna, Turkey on this ship, built by his father who was mayor of Hallowell, Maine, who was also in the ice shipping business with Cornelius Vanderbilt.
Photo of the house where William Page was born, Rufus being his father, image from the book “Old Hallowell on The Kennebec”, Emma Huntington Nason, Augusta, Maine 1909, Press of Burleigh & Flynt, Augusta, Maine. This house is still standing today.
A copy of the death certificate of Alfred Churchill, issued by the British Consulate in Istanbul.
A sketch of the Beatrice Churchill, her son Alfred and his widow’s tombstone.
image courtesy of Marie-Anne Marandet
The same tombstone.
Sketch of Cyrus with Virginia Churchill Page, the wedding day news, part of newspaper cuttings retained in Cyrus Edson’s scrapbook.
Virginia Churchill Edson’s (nee Page) death certificate, who died relatively young in 1891, grand-daughter of William N. Churchill, and great-grandmother to Mike Roberts.
Sprague Family with my grandmother, Helen Augusta (Edson) Sprague on left, mother Beatrice Page (Sprague) Roberts on bottom, aunt Ruth Miller (Sprague) Cushing on top, and uncle Cyrus Edson Sprague on right - taken about 1920.