The Illustrated London news illustration of the rail line opening
The newspaper article from 1857 accompanying this illustration for the opening ceremony of the Smyrna-Aidin railway recounts in detail the setting at Caravan bridge [Kemer], with high Ottoman officials and representatives of all the communities of Smyrna present.
image courtesy of Sarkis Karamanik
image courtesy of Sarkis Karamanik
More about Edward Purser:
The Arabic script places the postcard pre 1927s and the neatly arranged vineyards suggests a pre 1922 date, as after that the loss of the Greek community meant these fields were invariably no longer tended. The tall building in the background in the Rees house, thus placing the photo in the 20th century.
What appears to be a cargo of donkeys bound from Smyrna on the ORC line, around turn of the century.
Railway line on the outskirts of Smyrna.
image courtesy of Ilkay Talu
More views of this square
The location on the Smyrna front, near the customs pier, of the warehouse on the quay to store goods and supplies after they were unloaded from ships. This would have also possibly been used to store goods that were consigned to the railway for shipment, prior to being transported overseas. This Goad map image is probably dated around 1905 and at present it is not known if this building survived the 1922 fire. - larger map image.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Vale of St Anne [Yeşildere], with the monasteries and koulas in the foreground and the hill of Tepecik with Alman Kulesi – the Korn house and winery - right in the middle of the picture in the background.
The railway depot at Smyrna for the ORC, dated 1904.
The railway depot at Smyrna (not Aydın as printed) for the Smyrna-Cassaba railway at Basmahane, dated 1903.
A passenger train near Smyrna, probably in St Anne’s valley.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2010
The same station of Selçuk today.