image courtesy of Virna Mulinon, 2012
image courtesy of Virna Mulino, 2012
Pair of marble plates found in the entrance hall of the Italian School in Alsancak.
On the larger plate:

On 3 August 1899
under the auspice of Marquis F. Cavotti V
regent of the Italian General Consulate,
aiming to disseminate in distant countries
the faith of Christ and the language of Dante,
chairman Marquis Ed. Giustiniani
and Members of the Committee
Knight U. Reggio and Knight G. Datodi,
Mrs. Ant. Solari, P. Aliotti, Prof. T. Scambella
with the participation of the patron ladies,
on this land donated by Count N. Aliotti
laid the first stone
of the kindergarten
wherein the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Ivrea
to poor Italian boys
break the bread of charity and doctrine
and educate the mind.

And on the small plate:

On 20 November 1899
With the benediction of Monseigneur Timoni
Baron En Acton and the officers of the ships Barbarigo and Merlo inaugurated this kindergarten
The names of the generous people who contributed to this pious institution will perpetually stay in the hearts of beneficiaries and on the marbles
Restored three times, in April-May 1919 and August 1923.
Mr Pietro Aliotti
Godfather of this asylum Bartolomeo Fragiacomo
And the President Mrs Amelina Aliotti
(and the names of the other donors)
information courtesy of Görkem Daşkan