image courtesy of Marie Anne Marandet
Memorial marble plaque for the French WWI dead at the French Consulate, Izmir. The Barrelier as well as the Fontrier were in Izmir since early 18th century, originally from France, though the former through multiple marriages to local Greek ladies were Orthodox in religion. Most of them used to sign in Greek and hardly spoke French. But they gave their life for a country they probably never visited before. It is also remarquable to see that 4 ‘Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes’ from St Joseph were also killed. The Freres usually went for non-combatant roles, such as “brancardiers” or stretcher-bearers. It is particularly poignant that these 4 should have fallen, especially as they would have normally picked up any soldier without considering what uniform he was wearing. All a terrible sacrifice for such a small community - info courtesy of Jacques Caporal / George Galdies.
One of the war dead listed, Charles Péré, was the son of the famous architect Raymond Charles Péré and records indicate that he died at the Hospital Val-de-Grâce in Paris of his war wounds - baptism certificate, Smyrna - further details - info courtesy of Marie Anne Marandet.
View plaque for the Italian war dead of the city