Williamson family | Pengelley family
image courtesy of Harry Charnaud, 2009
Alfred and Nellie Pengelley, photographed 1899, according to the the writing on the reverse. Both parents viewable in this Cyprus photo of 23 year later. From the Williamson family tree (Nellie was a Williamson) we know the couple had 6 children, of which Doris the eldest (so therefore probably in this photo) married Edwin Charnaud (son of Edwin Stevens and Edith nee Barker), and had issue.
Further information on Alfred Pengelley is provided by the contributor, Thora Ray:
Alfred Pengelley worked with my Grandfather Charlie Williamson in 1915 -16. Charlie was then managing the Italian end of the licorice operation for Mc Andrews and Forbes based in Corigliano in Calabria. He was contracted to travel to China in late 1915 and Alfred Pengelley took over Charlie’s role in his absence.
It was all rather illfated: - from a letter to Alfred, Charlie had some hopes of opening up a long term operation in Tientsin but succumbed to pneumonia and “para-typhoid” in Shanghai and returned home in Spring 1916.
I have just put together a transcript of his letters home. On the return journey he stops off in Egypt, visits his elder brothers John and Henry Williamson and collects Nellie Pengelly's sister and they travel home together to Italy.
His letters are addressed to Maude (my grandmother), Alfred Pengelly, Rowley (who I think was also a Pengelley) and Ernest (whom my other thought was his cousin Ernest Barker).
My mother said that two of her Williamson aunts married the “Pengelley boys”. I think that she meant Nellie and Becky and that there husbands were Alfred and Rowley.
image courtesy of Jane Clarke, 2010
On the back of the photo it says it is of The Williamson family taken at Boudja in 1910 by a Ted Williamson of Bradford Yorkshire but in reality it is of the Pengelleys; it shows standing Jessie, Donald, Annie with Walter seated in the middle with parents Rowland Annesley and Rebecca (nee Williamson, known as Neneka). The eldest son Cedric is missing, information courtesy of descendant Jane Clarke, 2010. - click here for overview of Pengelley family tree:
image courtesy of Harry Charnaud, 2009
From left to right: Edwin Pengelley the son of, Gladys Pengelley (nee Charnaud, sister to Phyllis - grandmother to Harry), and Harold Pengelley also her son (he was born 1914, so this photo is approx from 1930). Gladys (b. 1884) was the daugher of Edwin Stevens Charnaud and Edith nee Barker. Gladys was also sister to Winnifred, Effie, Hilda (all viewable in this Cyprus photo) and two other siblings were Phyllis and Edwin. Edwin also married a Pengelley, Doris, and with whom had a child, Mary Althea ‘Molly’ who was able to give information on the Pengelley family past:
My mother Doris was one 4 siblings, Grace, Henry, Frederick, whose father was Alfred who worked for the MacAndrews and Forbes liquorice concern in Nazilli and Aydın. Alfred’s father Walter Murray was the first in the Levant, however he was initially with the Royal Indian Navy, based in Bombay, got 6 months sick leave, free to travel but not to England, went to Egypt, heard about an expedition down the Nile to Khartoum in Sudan, joined it and survived a hazardous journey. Returned to Egypt, got friendly with a ships captain on whose ship he then went to Turkey, where in Smyrna he met up with the vicar Rev. Buchner Lewis and became friendly with one of his young daughters, Arabella. Went back to the ship, but in the first opportunity returned to Smyrna and married her (1854) - click here for the photo gallery of the Lewis family: - click here for the page displaying the entry from India Navy Pension Fund & Family Details for Walter Murray Pengelley: - in additon the internet postings inform that he was the 3rd son of Henry Pengelley R.N.
Further information on the life and times of Walter Murray Pengelley, courtesy of John Farnhill, 2011.