Jubilant Smyrniots welcome the Greeks with garlands, flags and a picture of Premier Venizelos, May 1919.
The Cretan gendarmes were a force dedicated to Venizelos and they were used to police Smyrna and environs during the Greek occupation.
A Greek flag waving over the Smyrna [İzmir] barracks, now occupied by the Greek army, May 1919.
Time for a visit to the famous Greek ironclad “Averoff”, anchored in Smyrna waters, May 1919.
Generals Pangalos, Paraskevopoulos and staff planning the successful summer offensive of 1920.
General Ioannou, Commander of the Smyrna Corps, entering Axar [Akhisar] in the morning after its fall, June 1920.
Greek soldiers and schoolchildren parading in Panormos [Bandırma], June 1920.
The regular Turkish army confronts the Greeks for the first time at Kovalica/İnönü, January 1920.
General Papoulas, Commander in Chief of the Greek army, being shown the minarets of Proussa [Bursa], spring 1921.
The occupation of Izmir was conducted almost exclusively by Greek forces, igniting ethnic tension whose repurcusions go on till today. The Greek Prime Minister Gounaris and Generals (Papoulas etc.) in Smyrna (Easter 1921).
Mustafa Kemal and İsmet Pasha, followed by the French colonel Sarroux and deputy Franklin Bouillon, inspect Turkish units in Eskişehir just before its fall to the Greeks, early June 1921. By this stage the French “Allies” really showed their hand.
A Greek Schneider-Canet field gun in action at the battle of Eskişehir, July 1921.
King Constantine decorates men of an “Evzone” regiment after the capture of Eskişehir, July 1921.
A mule carrying a mountain gun, ready to advance towards Angyra [Ankara], July 1921.
Columns of the Greek army advance like giant serpents towards Sangarios [Sakarya], August 1921.
The Greek 5th Division crosses the Salt Desert [Cihanbeyli platosu] to encircle the Turkish army, August 1921.
Mustafa Kemal and İsmet Pasha wait for the decisive battle at the hills before Angyra [Ankara], August 1921.
Greek artillery observation post beyond Sangarios [Sakarya], August 1921.
Entrenched Greek soldiers fire at the Turkish positions in the Battle of the Sangarios [Sakarya], August 1921.
The Greeks attack with fixed bayonets to capture Sapanca, 50 miles from Angyra [Ankara], August 1921.
Dead Greek soldiers being burried after the battle, August 1921.
The many crosses at Kale Grotto, 17 August 1921.
The House of the Greek General Anastasios Papoulas in Eskişehir - archive city views.
Greek Crown Prince George and General Papoulas in Banaz.
A Turkish Skoda field gun shelling the Greek positions near Afyon Karahisar, August 1922.
photographer the Levantine S.L. Cassar of Malta
Western flags greet the victorious Turkish cavalry at the Smyrna [Izmir] seafront, September 1922.
The beaten Greeks abandon their animals and board the ships to flee at Çeşme, September 1922.
images of the later fire of Smyrna.