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Safeena Hutchison

Dixon Hadaway ‘of Malta’ and Teresa Rivans ‘of Smyrna’ married on 24 March 1812 at the English Chapel, Smyrna by Chaplain, George Cecil Renouard. It was solemnized in the presence of Molir M Emmerson and Andrew Marshall. On 24 November in the same year John Rivans married Angiolina Vernapa, it is not known whether or not they are related but the marriage record is written in Italian. Teresa Rivans was born in Genoa, Italy in 1784 est., her father was believed to be a Spanish mercenary called to duty in Genoa or Smyrna. Family members have informed me that Teresa’s father strongly objected to their relationship which may be due a difference in religious beliefs. Dixon Hadaway was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England on 15 August 1779 and was a Protestant. Dixon’s first name is a short form of the surname of his mother Ann Dickson. Dixon Hadaway was a ropemaker. My relative Arnold Bullock informs me that ‘Dixon followed his father, Thomas, into ropemaking as this was a lucrative business in those days. Sailing ships required miles of rope for rigging as well as for anchors and I believe this prompted Thomas to send Dixon abroad, such was the demand for rope. I also believe Thomas had the family connections to achieve this - the various Hadaway families of Leith were related and some were connected with the Royal Navy and shipping at Leith, Scotland’.

Their first child, my 4th Great Grandfather Edward was born in Borma, Malta on 13 Jan 1813, he was christened at the Bormla Parish Church. In addition to this Edward was also baptised at North Shields on July 1816, three years later. It is not substantiated but there is a family rumour that Teresa Rivans was close friends with Napoleon Bonaparte’s mistress and that Josephine gave her one of her necklaces. Dixon Hadaway’s first marriage was to Ann (surname unknown), she died on 20 November 1811 at the age of 28 and was buried at the Rockgate Cemetery, Cospicua, Malta. Ann resided at No. 3 Stra Margarita (exact location unknown). I visited Malta in June 2008 to search for Ann’s gravestone or evidence of it, I also visited the Burial Heritage Musuem in Floriana and was informed that the Rockgate Cemetery was in disrepair and that the site is now owned by the local scout group. Gravestones were salvaged from the site and some of them can be seen at the musuem. Dixon Hadaway’s son Edward later established his business ‘Edward Hadaway & Co’ as a ship wright on the docks of North Shields, Tynemouth, England.

Arnold Bullock can recall many discussions with family members about a plaque celebrating the birth of Edward Hadaway in Malta - one of his cousins has even stated that she has spoken to someone who has actually seen the plaque. Frustratingly, as it was a long time ago, she cannot remember who that person was, but insists it is true.

Edward Hadaway birth certificate
Edward Hadaway birth certificate 1813
Edward Hadaway baptismal certificate
Edward Hadaway baptismal certificate 14 July 1816
Edward Hadaway business card
Edward Hadaway business card - source: Gary Hadaway
image courtesy of Gill Metcalf
From left to right: Louisa Bullock, Jessie Hadaway (maiden name, the children’s mother) and John Bullock - information source Gill Metcalf

Edward Hadaway married Ann Luttley of Bishopswearmouth on 13 February 1832 at the Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland, Durham, England. In the year 1841 Edward is listed as Publican of the Old Highlander Pub, North Shields, Northumberland, England. Their son William Hadaway was born on 6 May 1837, North Shields, Northumberland. William Hadaway married Isabella Burn on 17 July 1856, Tynemouth, Northumberland, their daughter Jessie Hadaway was born on 25 August 1872 North Shields. Jessie Hadaway married John Edward Bullock on 17 November 1892, South Shields, Northumberland.

image source Arnold Bullock
Back row - from left to right: John Edward Bullock, Thomas Hadaway, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Front row - from left to right: Isabella Hadaway, Louisa Bullock, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jessie Hadaway, Unknown - information source: Arnold Bullock

The Hadaway family bible, the custodian being Leslie Thurlbeck has recently been restored and is held at the National Trust owned Cherryburn Cottage, Station Bank, Mickley, Northumberland.

image source Arnold Bullock
Ann Dickson and Thomas Haddaway Ostervald Bible MDCCXC111 - 1793, source: Arnold Bullock

Fourth Lieutenant of HMS Bellerophon

There is a historical tale of John Haddaway of Leith (from whom we share common ancestors through John Hadaway and Ann Colzier) he was one of the Lieutenants of HMS Bellerophon under leadership of Captain Henry d’Esterre Darby, and is featured in David Cordingly’s book ‘Billy Ruffian: The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon’. John Haddaway was injured in the Battle of the Nile, ‘The Fourth- Lieutenant, John Hadaway, struck down by a cannon-ball, had to be taken below to the surgeon.’ His obituary reads ‘At Leith, on the 4th August, Lieutenant John Haddaway, late of His Majesty’s Ship Bellerophon, in the Action of the Nile’. The Naval Chronicle: Volume 14, July-December 1805.

Lieutenant John Hadaway attended the General Assembly on June 1783, present to name a few were Walter Scott (the Father of Sir Walter Scott), William Adam, Architect a link as been found as of 29 May 2013 to support this:

The Hadaways of Leith and Newton are to be commemorated with a large star Z29 of the Navis (ship) constellation on the ceiling of stars of the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, Queen Street, Edinburgh. The Gallery has been closed since 2009 for renovation works and will reopen in November 2011. For further information see:

There are many members of the Rivans family listed on the ‘return from Malta lists of 1923-29’ compiled recently by researcher Joyce Cully, and a list of all the refugees still left in Malta in 1930. I would really appreciate it if anyone can put me in touch with any living Rivans or descendent of the family so that I can further my research. If there are any interested members please join my two DNA & Family History groups:

Grace Horsley Darling’s Nephew

There was news through family of a connection to Grace Darling, the heroine who rescued the survivors of the shipwrecked SS Forfarshire on a treacherous stormy day out at sea. On the 17 July 2011 that link was found by my relative Audrey Bullock, through the sister of my third Great Grandmother Isabella Burn, Mary Ann Burn, born 11 June 1843, who married William Cobb Darling the nephew of Grace Horsley Darling.

Cadbury’s First Commercial Traveller

The Nephew of my fifth Great Grandfather who was also called Dixon Hadaway was the first Salesman for John Cadbury’s. Dixon features in the early chapters of Chocolate Wars a book by Deborah Cadbury and page fifty-nine includes a portrait photograph of him wearing a top hat and a tweed coat provided by the Cadbury Archives.

In addition to this Dixon also features in The Firm of Cadbury 1831-1931 a book by Lolo Aneurin Williams.
Dixon Hadaway continued his occupation under the ownership of the sons of John Cadbury, George and Richard. On his marriage certificate in 1838 his occupation is described as a Grocer and a Tea Dealer. In the 1881 census he is listed as a Commercial Traveller.

Anne Hathaway

Hadaway a Derivative of Hathaway
The surname Hadaway is a derivative of the English surname Hathaway. Ask any archivist to search for Hadaway and they will always search for Hathaway first and foremost in their historical records.

Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare
An elder and a descendant of the Hadaway family, once made his proposal of the probability of being related to Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare, playwright. It is probable that we descend from the same Great Grandparents however many generations ago that may be. Research has yet to begin in this period.

King of England | Henry VIII
The Hathaways were owners of land in what is currently the West Midlands, England. There then came a time when the Hathaways had to defend themselves in court for the rightful ownership of the land against the ruthless King Henry VIII. The Hathaways won the case.

New Home
However as we all know King Henry VIII always had the last say on such matters, so they then had no option but to flee to the refuge of Leith, Scotland. And there began the history of generations of Hadaways in Scotland, their new home.

Events Important to my Family Tree

8 October 1796 - Spain declares war on England
11 June 1798 - Napoleon takes Malta
1 August 1798 - Napoleon defeated by Nelson at the Battle of the Nile
12 September 1798 - Turkey declares war with France and an alliance with England and Russia is formed
1800 - Siege of Genoa
1803 - France declares war on England

My quest to find out more about my family started in early 2007, when I was introduced to Arnold Bullock, my 2nd cousin twice removed. Following from this in August 2007 I with my Grandmother Irene Bullock travelled to Billingham, Teesdale, England to meet relatives for the first time. We were shown around North & South Shields and Sunderland. We met Audrey & Geoff Steggar initially, and then Arnold Bullock. On 8 October 2007, those related to Jessie Hadaway & John Edward Bullock meet to share their findings. Those present were: Jane Hatton, Gill Metcalf, Arnold Bullock, Irene Bullock, Virginia Morrow, Safeena Hutchison. On 2 Jun 2008 - Arnold Bullock & Safeena travel to Malta to search for the gravestone of Ann (first wife) of Dixon Hadaway. On 9 December 2008 - Safeena establishes the Hadaway DNA & Family History Group on and later on 21 December 2008 the Rivans DNA & Family History Group, as of 13 March 2011 there are 21 Hadaway members and 7 Rivans members. 2011 connection with Levantine Heritage and new leads hopefully to solve some mysteries.

Safeena Hutchison, March 2011, updated April 2014