Burials in the American Section of the Protestant Cemetery Ferikoy-Istanbul, Turkey

Researched and Compiled by Barbara Dobbins

In Istanbul, cemeteries were placed at the edge of town. As the town grew, a new cemetery was established in an outlying area...and it was intended that bodies from the old cemetery would be moved to the new. In 1857, the Protestant cemetery in the Ferikoy section of Istanbul replaced one at Taksim. However, this cemetery sits once again in the middle of a town and may, before long, be moved yet further out. There is no singular record repository for these American burials, and it is for this reason that I collected the information below, first from the tombstones themselves and then from other Istanbul and American records. If you find family listed below, I will be glad to supply additional information for those contacting me by e-mail - Snibbod1@aol.com. I also have put this information into a book entitled A Fine Place of Rest; Americans in the Protestant Cemetery, Ferikoy-Istanbul, Turkey. A copy is in the Family History Center at Salt Lake City Utah. A few are still available for purchase.

NOTE: Since information was collected from many different sources, often times dates and places will not agree. Details for the discrepancies are provided in the book and will be provided to any researcher inquiring. Also, for consistency, both Constantinople and Istanbul are referred to merely as Istanbul.

ADKINS, Caroline Goodale Sanborne missionary b 8 Feb 1896 Elmira NY d 11 Oct 1927 Adana, Turkey, buried Istanbul. Husb: Leslie John Adkins

AKCADURAK, Carol Bobyk Married Turkish man; b 1931 Boston, MA d 24 Jul 1958 Istanbul. Dau of William and Helen Bobyk

ALLEN, Herbert Marsena Missionary Son of Orson Allen b 8 Mar 1865 Harpout, Turkey d 25 Jan 1911 Istanbul. Wife: Ellen Ropes Ladd

ALLEN, Orson Pardy Missionary b 6 Nov 1827 Smyrna, NY d 21 Jun 1918 Istanbul. Wife: Caroline Wheeler

ALLISON, Lee Seaman b 1888 d 1951 Istanbul

ANDERSON, Abbie Frances Hamlin Dau of Cyrus & Henrietta Hamlin, missionaries. b 13 Nov 1847 Bebek Istanbul bur 3 or 30 Jan 1919 Istanbul Husb: M. C. Anderson, Professor

AVERY, C. Robert Editor Redhouse Publishing, Istanbul b 10 Sep 1918 Ann Arbor, MI d 15 Nov 1979 Istanbul

BARNUM, Helen Randle Missionary b 12 Jun 1842, Winnipauk CT d 31 Jan 1914 Istanbul. Husb: Henry Samuel Barnum

BARNUM, Henry Huntington Math professor, son of Missionaries Henry & Helen Barnum; b 24 Dec 1877/78 d 28 Jun 1939 Istanbul Wife: Anne A. Barnum

BENJAMIN, Mary Emma Dau of Nathan Benjamin Missionary. b 1851 Smyrna, Turkey d April 1854 Istanbul

BENJAMIN, Meta Hanford Dau of Nathan Benjamin Missionary. b 27 Jan 1842 Athens, Greece d 11 Apr 1855 Istanbul

BENJAMIN, Nathan Missionary b 14 Dec 1811, Catskill, NY d 27 Jan 1855, Istanbul. Wife: Mary Gladding Wheeler

BIRGE, John Kingsley Missionary b 4 Mar 1888, Bristol, CT d 14 Aug 1952 Istanbul. Wives: Anna Harlow, Ruby Phillips

BLATTNER, Albert Charles Son of Andrew and Adriana Verny Blattner b 7 Jul 1903 Istanbul d 12 Jul 1931 Istanbul age 28. Wife: Francine K. Blattner

BLISS, Edwin Elijah Missionary b 12 Apr 1817 Putney, VT d 20 Dec 1892 Istanbul. Wife: Isabella Holmes Porter

BLISS, Emma Isabella Missionary Dau of Isaac & Eunice Day Bliss, Missionaries b 12 Feb 1859 Istanbul d 20 June 1880 Istanbul

BLISS, Emma Isabella Dau of G.E.P. Bliss b 4 Dec 1858 Istanbul d 19 Aug 1874 Bursa bur Istanbul

BLISS, Virginia b 8 or 23 Mar 1938 Istanbul d 17 Jul 1938 Istanbul age 4 mo. Child of John Collins Bliss and Helen Bliss.

BOULDIN, Gary Ralph Alleged drug dealer from California b 1935 d 28 Dec 1968 Istanbul. Killed in shootout with police

BROOKS, John Sanborn Son of Charles & Fanny Wallace Brooks, Missionaries b 3 Jan 1879 Istanbul d 21 Aug 1879 Istanbul

BROWN, Harris N. No information available

BROWN, John Porter U..S. Government. bur 28 Apr 1872 Istanbul age 58. Wife: Maryann Porter

BROWN, Mary P. d 28 Mar 1842 age 72 yr 10 mo 14 da

BUSS, Virginia No information available

CARP, Adolph d 11 Aug 1910 Istanbul age 75

CARP, Bertha (Betty) Employee of American Consulate b 1895 d 1974 Istanbul

CARP, Margaret b 10 May 1877 d 18 June 1952 Istanbul

CARP, Sally 18 Feb 1940 age 90 Istanbul

CASWELL, Ernestine Wood b 21 Jan 1908 Gridley, CA d 7 Sep 1962 Istanbul. Husb: James Edward Caswell

CHURCHILL, William Nosworthy U.S. Government; editor of Turkish newspaper d 7 Sep 1846 Istanbul. Wife: Beatrice

CIVAY, Electa Ann Miller Married Turkish man b 1 Dec 1918 Boise, ID d 8 Nov 1969 Istanbul

COLE, Joseph Seaman bur 28 Aug 1868 Istanbul

CUCHET, Alfred A.V. Barrister b 11 Mar 1858 d 11 Jan 1934 Istanbul

CUCHET, John Professor d 11 June 1887 Istanbul age 62

DAVENPORT, Martha DAVENPORT, Mary Martha No information given

DAVIS, Alice No information given DICKERSON, William No information given

DOGAN, Lillian Jessie YWCA No information given

DWIGHT, Ardella Maria Griswold Missionary b 17 Apr 1847 Eden VT d 28 Dec 1884 Scutari (Uskudar) Istanbul Husb: Henry Otis Dwight

DWIGHT, Charles Parmalee Son of Harrison Gray Otis Dwight and Elizabeth Baker/Barker Dwight, missionaries b 25 Feb 1837 d 18 Apr 1853 Istanbul

DWIGHT, Edwin Bliss Son of Henry Otis and Mary Abigail Bliss Dwight, Missionaries b 30 Oct 1872 d 20 May 1873 Istanbul

DWIGHT, Isabella Stoddard Bliss Missionary, Dau of Elijah E. & Isabella Bliss, b 3 or 11 Aug 1858 Istanbul d 9 Apr 1894 Istanbul Husband: Henry Otis Dwight

DWIGHT, Mary Abigail Bliss Missionary, Dau of Elijah E. & Isabella Bliss b 19 Oct 1844, Trabzon, Turkey d 16 Nov 1872 Istanbul Husb: Henry Otis Dwight

DWIGHT, Mary Lane b 4 May 1811 Sturbridge, MA d 16 Nov 1860 Istanbul Husb: Harrison Gray Otis Dwight Dau of Rev. Otis & Eliz. Paine Lane.

DWIGHT, Mary Tappan Dau of Harrison Gray Otis Dwight and Elizabeth Baker/Barker Dwight, missionaries b 19 Aug 1840 d 5 July 1847 Istanbul

DURFEE, Charles Harrod of Robert College b 21 Mar 1872 Newburyport, MA d 19 Nov 1895 Istanbul Son of Charles S. & Ellen B. Durfee

EKIN, Jane b 1918 MO d 1991 Istanbul Husb: Nihat Ekin

ELIASCO, Claire Goodman Ozmun born Clara Bell Goodman bur 9 Feb 1932 Istanbul Husbands: Edward H. Ozmun, U.S. Government Nicholas Eliasco, International Banker

EMRICH, Wallace Chandler Son of Richard & Jeannette Wallace Emrich Missionaries/Near East Relief Workers b 16 Mar 1912 d 9 Aug 1921 Istanbul

ERKAN, Grace McKenna b 14 Feb 1924 d 16 Jan 1989 Istanbul Dau of Theodora McKenna

ESSEMEN, Katherine F. b 24 Sep 1887 d 18 Dec 1967 Istanbul

EVERETT, Felicia Dau of Joel & Seraphina Haynes, Missionaries b 23 Dec 1851 Istanbul d 24 Dec 1851 Istanbul

EVERETT, Joel Sumner Missionary b 28 Aug 1813 Halifax VT d 7 Mar 1856 Istanbul. Wife: Seraphina Haynes Everett

EVERETT, Mary Seraphina Dau of Joel & Seraphina Haynes, Missionaries. b 11 Mar 1847 Istanbul d 2 Sep 1848 Istanbul

EVERETT, Seraphina Haynes b 29 Dec 1823 Monson, MA d 27 Dec 1854 Istanbul Husb: Joel Sumner Everett

FINN, Mark Pauper. d 16 Aug 1865 Istanbul Family in Whitefields, Maine

FLINT, Henry Missionary and Near East Relief Association d 22 May 1926 Istanbul (no record of burial)

FONGER, Lee Head librarian at Robert College b 1932 possibly Superior, WI d 1971 Istanbul

FREDERICK, Mr. No information given

FREEMAN, Henry d 22 Mar 1895 Istanbul age 38

GARWOOD, David Alanzo Professor, Robert College b 1916 Chicago, IL d 1975 Istanbul. Wife: Armine Tuygel

GEARY, George W. American Seaman b 1 May 1873 d 15 Sep 1930 Istanbul. Daughter: Miss Doris Geary, Staten Island Son: Thomas Geary, Staten Island

GILES, Walter Harris Missionary b 26 Oct 1837 Rockport, MA d 21 May 1867 Istanbul. Wife: Elizabeth Welling Giles

GINGELL, Adriana d 2 April 1908 age 68. Husb: Wm. Henry Gingell

GINGELL, Agnes d 8 Apr 1865 age 15 months

GINGELL, Catherine Emma d 11 Sep 1869 age 7 yrs

GINGELL, Matilda d 26 July 1909 Alexandria, Egypt age 48

GLENN, Agnes b 30 May 1887 Philadelphia d 20 Mar 1889 Istanbul

GLENN, George b 7 Feb 1843 England d 14 July 1895 Istanbul

GOKBAYRAK, Ann Garwood Huddleston Dau of David and Armine Garwood b 1951 d 13 Jan 1987 Geneva Switzerland, buried Istanbul

GOODELL, Constantine Washington Son of Wm & Abigail Davis Goodell, Missionaries b 30 Aug 1831 Istanbul d 8 Apr 1841 Istanbul

GORDON, Victor General, US Army, Retired b 1882 Brooklyn, NY d 15 Apr 1955 Istanbul

GRAHAM, B. W. Meade, USN Seaman, Topographical Engineer d 19 Nov 1856 age 19 Son of Col. J. D. Graham

GREEN, Charles (naturalized citizen) U.S. Government, Jailkeeper d 20 May 1875 age 61

GREEN, Morris Son of Charles & Caroline Green b bef 1871 d Istanbul age 16 mo.

GREENE, Elizabeth Augusta Davis Missionary b 24 Aug 1831 Lisbon, ME d 27 Jan 1894 Istanbul. Husb: Joseph Kingsbury Green

GREENE, Elizabeth Kingsbury Dau of Joseph & Eliz. Davis Greene b Oct 1864 Bursa d 25 Oct 1872 Istanbul

GREENE, Fannie Angeline Dau of Joseph & Eliz. Davis Greene b Apr 1867 Bursa d 16 Oct 1872 Istanbul

GREENE, Grace Darling Dau of Joseph & Eliz. Davis Greene d 22 Feb 1879 Istanbul

GREENWOOD, Keith Maurice Professor at Robert College b 1924 d 23 Jun 1971 Istanbul. Wife: Joanne

GROSVENOR, Harriet Sanborn Dau of Edwin & Lillian Grosvenor Edwin was Professor at Robert College b 1879 d 30 May 1880 Istanbul

GUNZLER, Louis F. Merchant b about 1839 d Istanbul after 1871 Wife: Susana

HAGOPIAN, Miriam b 22 Feb 1901 d 17 Apr 1975 Istanbul

HAGUE, Hiram d 30 June 1879 Istanbul age 60

HAMLIN, Harriet M. Lovell Missionary b 9 Feb 1820 Rockingham, VT or Charlestown, NH d 6 Nov 1857 Bebek Istanbul. Husb: Cyrus Hamlin

HAMLIN, Henrietta Ann Lorraine Jackson Missionary b 9 May 1811 Dorset, VT d 14 Nov 1850 Rhodes, Greece Husb: Cyrus Hamlin

HAMLIN, Mary R.F. Child of Cyrus & Henrietta Hamlin b 29 Jul 1850 d 8 Sep 1852 Istanbul

HAMLIN, Susan Elizabeth Dau of Cyrus & Henrietta Hamlin b 6 May 1842 Bebek Istanbul d 8 Dec 1859 Istanbul

HARRIS, Fanny Catherine d 10 Sep 1870 Istanbul Dau of James and Fanny Harris

HARRIS, Fanny Tait d 28 Feb 1916 Istanbul. Husb: James Harris

HARRIS, James d 28 Sep 1912 Istanbul. Wife: Fanny Tait Harris

HARRIS, William Tait d 11 Feb 1874 Istanbul Son of James & Fanny Harris

HAWES, Lt. Lauren Winslow U.S. Naval Reserve; d in plane crash b 9 Jul 1913, Natick, MA d 30 Jan 1945 Thrace (near Istanbul) Wife: Rachel Whittemore Hawes

HECK, Emma Dorothy Dau of Lewis Heck, U.S. Government b 2 June 1915 d 9 Oct 1917 Istanbul

HENRY, Charles Seaman bur 17 Jan 1859 Istanbul

HERRICK, Helen Whiton Child of George & Helen Richards Herrick Missionaries b July d 3 Aug 1869 Istanbul

HIDDEN/HAYDEN, Warren Mechanist at Ottoman Mint b abt 1813 NYC, NY d 2 Dec 1888 Istanbul Wife (Divorced) Marietsa Theodore Hidden

HOFFMAN, Verda Dau of Don Hoffman, American Girls College d 1962 Istanbul

HOMES, Mary Frances Dau of Henry & Anna Heath Homes b Dec 1844 Istanbul d 7 Dec 1845 Istanbul

HOOBLER, Alice b 1913 d 13 Mar 1991 Istanbul Husband: Fred Oliver Hoobler

HOOBLER, Fred Oliver b 26 Apr 1910/13 "Profets Town" d 4 Jun 1985 Istanbul. Wife: Alice Hoobler

JACOBS, Edward Civil Engineer-Architect b Istanbul d 25 Aug 1894 Istanbul age 57

JACOBS, Filomena b 1 Dec 1843 Italy. Wife of Edward Jacobs

JAMIESON, William Alexander American Seaman bur 29 Jun 1951 Istanbul Son of France and Aida Renart

JOBLIN, Miller Gen. Mgr., Standard Oil of NY b 9 Dec 1875 d 17 June 1923 Istanbul

JOHNSON, Sevim Juliana b & d 10 Aug 1987 Istanbul Child of Doug and Ann Johnson

JONES, Samuel b Turks Island, West Indies d 9 Aug 1878 age 26 Istanbul

KATA, Katherine Ruth Mary b 7 Jun 1983 Istanbul d 8/9 Jun 1983 Istanbul. Dau of Edward & Phyllis Kata of American Consulate

KESTELLI, Connally Staton b 19 Nov 1917 Waco, TX d 20 June 1961 Ankara, Turkey. bur Istanbul Husb: Bulend Necdet Kestelli

KELLY, Virginia and George No information given

KING, Preston Eugene Mgr, American Turkish Investment Corp. b 30 Sep 1880 Concord NC d 26 Feb 1942 Istanbul age 61 Wife: Mrs. Smaro King, Concord, NH

KINNEY, Mary Ella Educator. Dau of George E. S. Kinney b 27 Oct 1874 Boston, MA d 7 Feb 1930 Istanbul

KNAPP, George Cushing Missionary. b 30 Oct 1823 Lyndon, VT d 12 Mar 1875 Bitlis, Turkey. bur in Bitlis Tombstone is in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

KNIGHT, Ann d 5 Aug 1890 Istanbul age 22

KREIDER, Ethel Ashover b 1904 d 1989 Istanbul

KREIDER, Herman Harold Missionary b 8 May 1898 Wadsworth, OH d 4 Apr 1967 Istanbul Wives: Hettie Shoup, Ethel Ashover

KREIDER, Ivan Maynard Son of Herman & Hettie Kreider b & d 4 July 1927 Istanbul

KUNTI, Charlotte Cuchet b 1877 d 1960 Istanbul

LANDES, Margaret W., Ph.D. American Girls College of Istanbul Dau of Rev. & Mrs. George Landes b 27 Oct 1887 d 28 Jun 1932 Istanbul

LENNARD, John d 20 Apr 1897 Istanbul age 40

LLOYD, John No information given

LONG, Clara d Feb 15, 1868 Istanbul age 6 LONG, Nellie d 3 Aug 1879 Istanbul age 21 Daughters of Rev. Albert Long, Prof. Robert College, Istanbul

LONGWORTH, Sophia Cicilia d 14 Dec 1892 Istanbul age 72 Wife of John Augustus Longworth

LYMAN, James Kerr Missionary. b 29 May 1880 Maroa, IL d 11 Mar 1950 Istanbul. Wife: Bessie Mary Hardy

MACBETH, Mrs. R.H. (Mary) No information given

MACCALLUM, Frederick William Missionary b 18 Mar 1863 d 28 Nov 1945 Istanbul Wife: Henrietta Mima Reid

MACCALLUM, Frank Lyman Sec'y, American Bible Society Son of Frederick & Henrietta MacCallum b 1893 Erzerum, Turkey d 15 Jan 1955 Istanbul. Wife: Mabel "Robin" Roberts

MACINTOSH, Mr. No information given

MACPHERSON, Maggie d 1 Jan 1883 Istanbul

MACWATERSTON, Albert d 28 Sep 1894 Istanbul age 14 days Son of Jennie and James MacWaterston

MACWATERSTON, Jennie S. Steward d 24 Sep 1893 Istanbul age 32. Husb: James MacWaterston

MALBON, Dr. Charles Fox Dentist b 30 Oct 1850 Skowhegan, ME d 17 Feb 1918 Istanbul. Wife: Caroline Bruller Fox

MANNING, Alice Washburn b 2 Dec 1861 d 22 Oct 1947 Istanbul Husb: George Lincoln Manning

MANNING, George Lincoln Professor at Robert College - Istanbul b 13 Apr 1865 d 20 Nov 1914 Istanbul. Wife: Alice Washburn

McATEE, Mary Lane U.S. Government d 19 Nov 1953 Istanbul

MEEKINS, Hubert 9 Apr 1877 Istanbul

MORRIS, Elizabeth Gatliff bur 25 Mar 1868 Istanbul Wife of U.S. Minister Resident Edward Joy Morris

MUCHMORE, Teresa Michelle b & d Nov 18 1974 Istanbul

ORMISTON, Susan Farley Hamlin b 22 May 18_1 d 26 Mar 1918 Istanbul Father: Cyrus H. Farley, Portland, ME Husb: William Thomas Ormiston

ORMISTON, William Thomas b 7 June 1856 d 5 Apr 1918 Istanbul Sister: Jeannette W. Ormiston Wife: Susan Farley Hamlin Ormiston

OWENS, John Beresford Jr. b 27 Mar 1948 Istanbul d 31 Mar 1948 Istanbul

PAGE, Juliette Churchill Dau of William Nosworthy & Beatrice Churchill b 2 May 1830 d 10 Nov 1870 Istanbul Husb: William Rufus Page, U.S. Government

PAGE, William Constantine Son of William & Juliette Churchill Page b 15 Apr 1860 Istanbul d 25 Jan 1864 Istanbul

PAIN-HAYMAN, Frederik b 1884 d 1951 Istanbul

PEET, Martha Hamilton Cartiledge Missionary b 18 Aug 1856 Hunter's Point, Brooklyn NY d 20 Oct 1920 Istanbul. Husb: William Wheelock Peet

PELTIER, Paul D. Near East Relief Association worker d 1 Apr 1919 Eskisehir Turkey age 22 bur 7 Apr 1919 Istanbul Son of Mrs Frederick Desnoyers Peltier, NYC

PETERSON, Edith A. b 20 Aug 1916 d 16 Aug 1920 Istanbul

PHYSICA, Alice Arnold d 25 Aug 1887 Istanbul

PHYSICA, Ann d 18 Jan 1884 Istanbul. Husb: J.B. Physica

PHYSICA, J.B. d Dec. 22, 1880 Istanbul. Wife: Ann

PLATT, Mrs. Elbertine Williams b 1881 Hamilton, NY d 9 Jun 1950 on train from Ankara, bur Istanbul Husband: Bruce Platt, Engineer American Aid to Turkey

POST, Carolyn Hyde b 17 Nov 1875 d 5 Mar 1934 Istanbul Husb: Dr. Bertram Van Dyck Post

PRATT, Andrew Tully, M.D. Missionary b 22 Feb 1826 Black Rock NY d 5 Dec 1872 Istanbul Wife: Sarah Frances Goodyear

PUMM, Joseph Jr., USN bur 5 Feb 1909 Istanbul

PURRING, Joseph Name appears on 1830's US State Dept. papers

RAND, Elizabeth d 9 May 1893 Istanbul age 60 also 2 infant sons and 1 daughter. Husb: H.T. Rand

REEVES, Emmanuel d 16 Mar 1832 Istanbul age 2 Son of John and Annetta Orloff Reeves

REEVES, William d 5 Apr 1832 Istanbul age 22 days Son of John and Annetta Orloff Reeves

RICHTER, Walter American Seaman d 5 Apr 1925 Istanbul Father: Charles Richter, Lorraine, OH

RIGGS, Charles Trowbridge Missionary Son of Edward & Sarah Dwight Riggs b 1 Sep 1871 Sivas Turkey d 12 Feb 1953 Istanbul

RIGGS, Edward Missionary Son of Elias & Martha Dalzel Riggs b 30 Jun 1844 Smyrna (Izmir) d 16 Feb 1913 Smyrna (Izmir) bur Istanbul. Wife: Sarah Hinsdale Dwight

RIGGS, Elias Missionary b 19 Nov 1810 New Providence, NJ d 17 Jan 1901 Istanbul. Wife: Martha Jane Dalzel

RIGGS, Elizabeth Dau of Elias & Martha Dalzel Riggs b 11 Mar 1839 Smyrna (Izmir) d 29 Nov 1859 Istanbul

RIGGS, Emma Louise Dau of Elias & Martha Dalzel Riggs b 25 Mar 1847 Smyrna (Izmir) d 2 Jul 1863 Istanbul

ROBINSON, Capt. J. H. Near East Relief Association worker b 17 Mar 1878 Oakland, CA bur 12 Dec 1920 Istanbul Mother: Mrs. H.E. Robinson, Oakland Fiance: Miss Glee Hastings, NER Association

ROSS, Henry Seaman b Buffalo, NY d 10 Dec 1861 Istanbul age 23 Brother: John Ross

RUSSELL, Samuel Herbert No information given

SCHENK, Edgar Craig Tourist b 1909 d 1959 Istanbul

SCOTT, Eveline T. of Robert College b 1889 Istanbul d 1977 Istanbul. Husb: Harold Scott

SCOTT, Harold Lorain of Robert College b 1889 Bedford, Iowa b 1958 Istanbul. Wife: Eveline Scott

SCOTT, John Whiting b 19 July 1915 MN d 16 Dec 1975 Istanbul

SHISMANIAN, George & Lucy d Jan 1887 Istanbul age 1 month Children of S.N. and LM Shismanian

SHISMANIAN, Praprian d 29 Apr 1888 Istanbul age 65 Husb: Sukias

SHISMANIAN, Sukias d 26 Jan 1862 Istanbul age 57 Wife: Praprian

SOMMER, Lt. jg Anthony F., Jr. US Naval Reserve; d in plane crash b 27 Jun 1922 Detroit, MI d 30 Jan 1945 Thrace (near Istanbul) Son of Anthony F. & Helen Sommer

SPEAR, Charles Vinal Principal, Maplewood Young Ladies Institute, Pittsfield, MA b 13 Mar 1825 Holbrook, MA d 10 May 1891 Istanbul

STEVENSON, Emma d 22 Jan 1889 Istanbul age 37 Husb: John Stevenson

STEVENSON, Hilda d 7 Sep 1883 Istanbul age 12 months Dau of John & Emma Stevenson

STEVENSON, Jane Anna 19 July 1876 Istanbul age 10 months Dau of John & Emma Stevenson

STEVENSON, John George d 7 Feb 1889 Istanbul age 1 yr 10 mo. Son of John & Emma Stevenson

STEVENSON, John General of Artillery Brigade d 27 Oct 1904 Istanbul age 54

STUPE, Andreas (Andrew) b 27 Sep 1841Germany Naturalized USA 19 Oct 1874 d 30 Jan 1895 Istanbul (murdered) Wife: Augusta

STUPE, Antigone L.H.F. d Aug 1895 age 1 yr. 3 mo. Child of Andreas & Augusta Stupe

STUPE, Bernard H. Willy b 2 May 1886 d after 1892 Istanbul Son of Andreas & Augusta Stupe

STUPE, Hertha Felicitas b 14 May 1894 d 14 Aug 1895 Istanbul

SUMNER BOYD, Hillary Prof. Humanities, Robert College b 1913 New York City, NY d 2 Sep 1976 Istanbul

TANI, Johannes Seaman bur 1967 Istanbul

TATOSKY, Hilda d 1 Jan 1919 Istanbul Dau of John J. & Olga Tatosky

THOMANN, Victoria No information given

THOMSON, Laura Hiffner b Izmir, Turkey d 28 June 1939 Istanbul age 74

THOMPSON, Alexander U.S. Vice Consul b abt 1835 Liverpool, Eng. d 10 Oct 1872 Istanbul Wife: Louisa Hanna Phillips Father: Capt. W. C. Thompson of NY (naturalized. U.S. citizen)

THOMPSON, Alexander Joseph Son of Alexander & Louisa Phillips Thompson b 1863 Istanbul d 30 Jun 1864 Istanbul

THOMPSON, Lily No information given

TILLEY, J.D. No information given

TRACY, Irving Park Son of Charles Chapin & Myra Park Tracy Missionaries b Jul 1870 d 18 Aug 1870 Istanbul

TULLAR, Arthur b 30 Nov 1939 d 3 Aug 1991 Istanbul

TURNER, Frank Allen b 16 Nov 1889/1913 Fair Bluff, N.C. d 15 Dec 1948 Istanbul. Resident of Athens, Greece

TYSON, Philip Harold Alcoholic, self-styled tourist b 20 Oct 1907 Oxford England d 27 Dec 1937 Istanbul Naturalized American citizen

VAN LENNEP, Mary Elizabeth Hawes Missionary Dau of Rev. Joel & Louisa Hawes b 16 Apr 1821 Hartford, CT d 27 Sep 1844 Istanbul Husb: Henry J. VanLennep

VINCENT, William N. Shipwright d 24 Nov 1832 Istanbul age 26 Father: Nicolas Vincent of NY

WALKER, Winifred Catherine Parents from American Girls College, Istanbul b 13 Feb 1921 d 23 Sept 1921

WARD, James b 7 Nov 1829 d 26 Nov 1890 Istanbul

WARD, Sidney Worked for British Embassy d 2 Apr 1855 Istanbul age 25

WASHBURN, Henry Homes Son of George & Henrietta Washburn b 1863 d 5 Aug 1865 Istanbul

WATERS, Lyssa b 1949 d 1978 Istanbul Dau of Charles & Lynn Waters, Educators

WILLIAMS, Maynard Owens Foreign Ed.-National Geographic b 12 Sep 1881/8 Montour Falls, NY d 25 Jun 1863 Antalya, Turkey bur Istanbul. Son of George Abner & Florence Owens Williams

WISE, Hugo of Robert College d in 1950s Istanbul

WOODBRIDGE, Baby (Premature) Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Joyce Woodbridge

WOODLEY, Elisha Seaman buried 7 Dec 1868 Istanbul

WORKMAN, James Martin b & d 15 Jun 1950 Istanbul Parents: Reginald & Annabelle Workman



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