French Hospital in Smyrna
Archives of AF La Courneuve, France
Large file and not organised by chronology.


1827 The land was purchased by the Navy and transferred to Foreign Affairs. The Capuchin Fathers had asked the old hospital to make 2, 1 for plague victims, without further demand.

02/09/1827 Pierre Marraccini sells to France the Koula named Kiatiboglou and outbuildings and gardens, and the land extending to the sea (which became the French Hospital). Property came from his Uncle Charles who had bought it from Kiatiboglu the former Moussilmi of Smyrna. Certificate of his son Paul signed by witnesses Alex BONNAL, ICARD brothers, Auguste and J. CASTELLAN, Joseph BELHOMME, Ant. FARKOA, Firmin and Aug. GUYS, Leo. PONS, Ch Salzani, Ad PAGY. Legalized by AUBANEL on 05/09/1872.

15.01.1828 Record of all accounts for the purchase and construction of the hospital building.
Purchase by the Chamber of Commerce of Marseilles for 120.000F.

Members of trade in Smyrna manage the accounts and work before returning to these responsibilities to the Consul. Between 1826-1828 State securities and the purchase accounting and work, (many receipts) which treated the members of the trade Treasurer of the Chambre of Commerce of Marseilles. Total value 120.000F. ROBOLI was director of the building. ROBOLY was also the honorary person to bear the construction costs, the Consul Mr SCHMALTZ buys a watch for the Pasha.

Name: JB VUBAR, Alex Blacque, Joseph Salzani, Joseph LAUGIER, WILKIN, Joseph VAULEUVRE

09/07/1831 Letter from Alex CHALLIRY (?) to SEBASTIANI concerning Titles of the property of the hospital (?): Ms. MARRACINI (rayah) sold to Ms. DAVID wife of Consul which serves as nominee. The deed of sale is not made on behalf of the French Government, same as for the Consulate. The plot is called “KOULA MARRACINI”.

16/11/1831 Father Polycarp French parish priest of Smyrna would like a concession of land from the former Marine Hospital.

28/05/1860 Antoine Vitalis proposes to the Consul MURE to sell the plot measuring 57 m. by 11.6 m. wide “that belongs to the Government in front of the hospital ... which serves as the neighborhood garbage dump” for cover the costs of rebuilding the hospital. So this land belongs to the hospital. 05/31/1860 General Consul in Smyrna Mr MURE of PELANNE: 1 pavilion is in poor condition, used to house the sisters and nursing officers of the squadron. The architect proposes to dispose of one part of a too broad land between the sea and hospital About 1868 Map of the Hospital with the disputed area called the Scale for the landing on layer. without date or signature (Vitalis son?) In 1870 the Company Quays has gained ground over the sea (see map 1854-1888) 08/19/1872 Letter From G. AUBANEL on the field "Scale French hospital" acquired around 1633, the field has seen its multiplied + Plan 1869 Schedule of land along the sidewalk Café Bellevue 79 x 15 peak value. Facing the hospital board overjoyed Sea. Disputes between 1872 Sadip PACHA Vali of Smyrna and the Consulate General on the property of the scale of the French hospital, a broad strip of land to the sea 1872 Judgment France recognizing the landowner. Procedure between Marigho daughter matiko VITALE against Josephine daughter of Elias Director of the Hospital. The land is located in front of the hospital, one side property of the Greek hospital, home of Giovanni Coulmas, Elenio daughter Aleviso the other coffee Kirkor CONSTANT side and sea and inland public. The mother would have bought Marigho Pierre Marraccini 5000 dollars. For 43 years she did not attack nor claimed. Josephine argues that the land was purchased 45 years ago Peter Marraccini 3000 dollars and for the hospital and proved by evidence: Castellan son of Stephen, son of Honoré ROBOLY, CORSINI son of Francis, son of John BARELIER etc. The land ... belongs to the French Hospital. 06/02/1875 the Purchase took place in 1827. The Consulate can not find the title, including the disputed land. No trace the Consulate archives 03/1876 Plan hospital unsigned 07.11.1876 Reconstruction Project Hospital (built in 1826) 25/07/1878 Our Marigho CORSINI request relief in France 09/12/1879 Mr Timoni sells land in the Catholic cemetery in the French Navy 1879 City Council request the Consulate to recognize as a street field. 04/07/1880 Hamdi Pasha claimed the land while recognizing the owner France. 29/07/1880 Earthquake affects Hospital and Consular Hotel 31/07/1880 Journal IMPARTIAL the Editor Manager Antoine VIRAPS 17/04/1883 Plan hospital X. LATTRY 62,5 x47, 5 cm 1885 Champoiseau made claims about the land 15/05/1886 Champoiseau gives the field 86 x 14 peaks at the Municipality of Smyrna is 10.530F ¼ estimated by the architect of the Department price and the price reverse the Sisters of Charity who build part of a pavilion Doctor (This is a Doctor of the Navy.) without reference to the Consulate. In 1887 Champoiseau is making repairs to the hospital that are not paid by the Department that in 1890 01/1888 Champoiseau was transferred to Naples and must pass a commission. 09/25/1888 Champoiseau Report to justify 22/09/1888 Plan hospital Champoiseau with the ground and the area 1888 Plan hospital Champoiseau Annex III, with 1854-1888 location of buildings, grounds and neighborhood 27/09/1888 Letter Champoiseau 04/10/1888 Letter Champoiseau requesting parts to justify claims about 1862 FUAD PACAH prohibiting building on the land between the Hospital de la Mer 04/11/1888 file 14 pages of explanation Champoiseau, transferred to Naples. 11/07/1899 Elie DUSSAUD Creator Quays Smyrna 6.000F bequeathed to the hospital. 27.07.1905 Reconstruction Hospital. This file is until 1910.