Frederick Giraud family group photographed around 1895 - hover for names. Frederick Giraud is the son of Jean Baptiste Giraud, the first first family in the Levant. All his surviving children (one died aged 2) are shown here. All the Giraud traders (carpets, fruit etc) descend from Frederick. His wife Mary was part of the great Whittall family, and both families have intermarried over several generations.
The guests of the wedding of Daisy Edith La Fontaine (1882-1982) and Charles Ernest Goad (1877-1950) on 15th September 1905, just after the ceremony at St. Mary Magdalene Church pose in front of the La Fontaine house in Bournabat - online records show this couple emigrated to the USA at the early stages of WWI, and despite the similarity of his name the groom is not the famous cartographer Chas E. Goad, though may be related to him - hover over faces to reveal names.
A group of Levantines of Izmir in the late 1930s - hover over faces to reveal names (corrections courtesy of Philippe Vincent).
Photos courtesy of Ms Serap Yılmaz and the book Avrupalı mı, Levanten mi?
Some Bornova young ladies who took part in the (amateur) play ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, in the early 1940’s. From left to right (maiden names): Marica Sidem, Betty Charnaud, Ivna Dracopoli, Olivia Edwards, Daphne Wookey, Sonia Mattheys. (Marica married Mario Tius, then Reggie Gallia; Betty married & moved to the U.S., so did Ivna; Olivia married Renzo Solari; Daphne married Enrico Aliberti; and Sonia, now deceased I believe, married Harold Whittall) - information courtesy of J.P. Giraud.
The next generation: Norman Giraud (1904-1995, one of 6 siblings) and his parents Charlton (Charlie) James Giraud (1869-1955, founded CJ Giraud & Co.) and Esther (nee Wilkinson). Norman Giraud had 2 partners, Norah Louise Keun (1906-1995) with whom he 4 children and Renée Tissier. Photo taken sometime before 1955 and the house in the background is Charlie’s which is now part of the Ege University.
Three generations of the Giraud group at Ilıca in 1974 - hover over faces for names.
The ladies group in Ilıca in 1970s - hover over faces for names (married names in brackets).
From left to right: Marianne Uhlsson (Giraud), Lottie Krespi (Aliberti), Gwynneth Edwards (Giraud), Mary Lou Cramer (Peartree), Simone Fidao (Lane), Aenne Unz (Giraud), Ruby Whittall (Wookey, de Zandonati), Jean Seads (Aliotti), Christiane Fidao (Solari), Jacqueline Pagy (Ferken), Marica Sidem (Tius, Gallia).