image courtesy of Betty McKernan
Herbert Octavius Whittall, the “manager” of a football team with a bowler hat. Herbert Octavius was one of the many children of James Whittall of the Big House, Bournabat and Magdalene Blanche Giraud. With the exception of three persons, all are identified (at least with the surname). It’s date is a bit of a mystery, but Herbert was born 1858 and died in 1929, so I suppose this could be around 1890 or so! Location almost certainly Smyrna. hover over faces for names - click here for a later generation football group photo
Frank Joly is probably Francis Octavius John Joly, (1864-1930 Naples) son of Stephen Joly and Sophia Borell, both also of Smyrna. Charles Joly appears to be his brother, Ernest Thomas Charles Joly (1859 Smyrna-1932 Beirut). According to information received from Yvonne Joly, a family relation in 2008: Ernest Thomas Charles Joly left Smyrna, first for Cyprus and then for Beirut. There around the end of the 19th century he took over a shipping company, Henry Heald & Co. which is still owned and run by his descendants to-day.
Harold Frederick Giraud (1872-1963), of the Oriental Carpets Ltd, married Marie Fidao, was the son of Frederic Jacques Giraud and Mary Whittall.
Edward Whittall maybe Edward Walter Whittall, (1864-1923), son of Charlton Whittall and Helen La Fontaine.
Fred Wilkinson is definitely Frederick Edgar Wilkinson, later British Consul-General in Mukden, Manchuria, son of Richard Wilkinson and Jane Whittall. Jim Wilkinson could be James, the older brother of Fred.
Frank Whittall could be Charlton Francis Whittall (1864-1942), son of James Whittall of the Big House, Bournabat and Magdalene Blanche Giraud, who married Ethel Maud Barker of Smyrna.

This photo probably represents the first few years of “Bournabat Football and Rugby Club” established according to a web site, in 1894, and amongst the founders listed, there is a level of matching seen here (matching names: James La Fontaine, Edwin Whithall, Frank Whithall / not visible here (unless a ?): Arthur Whithall, Edwin Giraud, Henry Joly, Richard La Fontaine).
image courtesy of Philipa Threadwell
Members of the Constantinople football team post their victory over Smyrna in 1889. No names given on this photo, but further information courtesy of football history researcher Mehmet Yüce, 2012 who was able to access the match report:
‘Constantinople Football Club 3-0 Bournabat Football Club
Date: January 14, 1889 Monday (14 Kanunisani 1889)
Attendence: more than 1,000
Weather: ‘Perfect for football’
Kick off: 2:00 pm. Afternoon
Venue: Yaourt Tchesme, Moda
Match played under rugby union rules.
Goals: Ernst Thomson (2), John Thomson four ‘tries’
Bournabat Football Club: Walter E. Lawson, Charles Wilkinson, Edgar Giraud, Harry Giraud, Charles Giraud, J. Wilkinson, Richard Whittall Junior, Horald Lawson, Reginald Lawson, Louis Senn, Francis Barker, F. Le Bailly, James Joly, Godfrey Barker, Robert Wakeford.
Constantinople Football Club: Biliniski (Back) - Ernest Thomson, Edwin Whittall, Frank Barker (three quarters) - Willie Whitall and Mountain (half backs) - J. Thomson, Fitzmaurice, Osman, Hampson, John Thomson, Reggie Whitall, H. Barker, B. Bond and Sellar (forwards).
Both teams cheered for the Queen (Victoria) and stood to attention for the British Ambassador (Sir William White). We are grateful that there was no unpleasant incident or injury during this match. After the game a meal was shared at the Şana Hotel in Moda and toasts were raised in honour of the Sultan (Abdülhamit II) and the Queen. Amongst those sharing in this toast was the first Turkish football player Osman Effendi.’
Osman Effendi was an employee at the British Consulate and is almost certainly the man with the large moustache, middle row, extreme left. The gentleman in the middle is the ‘umpire’ is Henry Pears, son of the famous solicitor in the city, Sir Edward Pears: his book segment.
Source: The Levant Herald Newspaper, January 17 1889.
image courtesy of Philipa Threadwell
The same club, but no dates or names given - in pencil annotation on reverse a note that the man on back row, second from the right: H.E. Pears.
image courtesy of Philipa Threadwell
The same club, but no dates or names given. The solicitor Harry Pears appears to have been a sponsor? Possibly the man in the jacket?
From the same photo on the internet (labelled Kadikioi Association Football Club, established 1900), the following names are revealed (sp?): Standing: H. Grigoridis, Yani Vasiliadis, Antony Darny, H. E. Pears, S. Annatassimies
Sitting: Theodoro, H. Armitage, James La Fontaine (captain), Fouad Bey, Annatassimies, ... .
image courtesy of Harry Charnaud
A turn of the century studio (Th. Servanis, Cadi-Keuy, Constantinople) photo of the Levantine (possibly ‘Smyrna’) football team that competed in the early Athens olympics 2 May, 1906. Accoring to Betty McKernan, this Smyrna team were visiting Istanbul in 1905 possibly to play against another Levantine team in the city, options from that era exist. As would be expected there is a good match in terms of names here with that participating in the 1906 Olympics, as referred in this web site: (matching: Edwin Charnaud, Percy la Fontaine, Albert Whittall, Godfrey Whittall, Edward Whittall, Donald Whittall, Herbert Whittall / non-matching: Zarek Kuyumcuyan, Edouard Giraud, Jacques Giraud, Henri Joly). The namings with the kind assistance of Betty McKernan (photo rear notes has a few errors), who informed me that the photo was later used for a family re-union - hover over faces for names.
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
Kadikeuy Football Association Club (1906), from left to right standing: Temistol Moisiyadis, Cinon Poliheroniadis, Yani Vasiliadis, James Lafontaine, Todori, Anthony Darny.
middle row, left to right: “Bobby” Fuat Hüsnü, Dick Lafontaine, Horace Armitage, Nicholas Darny, Yorgo Yerasimidis.
sitting, left to right: Mihal Yerasimidis, Toto Stelyanidis, with their championship shield.
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
Kadikeuy Football Association Club (1899 when founded -1907 period) Most names not indicated, standing 4th from the left: Aleko Darmis known as “Tahtaperde” [wooden curtain], sitting 3rd from the left James La Fontaine and 4th from the left probably Horace Armitage. Horace transferred to the Galatasaray Football Club in 1908.
A photo-postcard either from 1905 or 1906 when Kadikeuy Football Club were champions of the league. From sitting on the left: the first Turkish player in the league, Hasan Basri bey and back row 4th from the left Aleko Talyos.
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
Moda Football Association Club (1905 - 1907 period), no names indicated however names listing viewable in newpaper reports of the time - more info.
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
The Constantinople Greek, Elpis AFC, 1905. No names indicated but this is the first year this team was in the league. The gentleman on the left with a suit on is the team manager Yani Vasiliadis.
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
Union Club Cup, the first football cup to be won in Turkey, Sunday 31 January 1909 at the Union Club field at Kadiköy. Result: Galatasaray AFC:4 Kadikeuy AFC:0
image courtesy of Mehmet Yüce
The Galatasaray football club with their first championship team, displaying the shield they won, year 1909. Sitting prominently behind the shield is the headmaster of the school with the same name, Tevfik Fikret.
Standing from left to right: Adnan İbrahim (Pirioğlu), Milo Bakic (from Montenegro, ironically dies later in the Balkan Wars fighting for his native country), Ali Sami (Yen), Ahmed Robenson (Indian from British India), Asım Tevfik (Sonumut), Emin Bülend (Serdaroğlu), Hamit Hüsnü (Kayacan), Hasan Fuat.
Sitting from left: Celal İbrahim, Sabri Mahir, Tevfik Fikret (also a famous Turkish poet, the principal of Galatasaray Lycee and founder and sponsor of the team), Hasan Basri (Bütün), Bekir Sıtkı (Bircan). Sitting on ground from left: Horace Armitage (also the first technical director of the Galatasaray football team, 1908-11, champions 3 times during this period), İdris. (the bracketed names are surnames to be adopted in the 1934 law).
image courtesy of Harry Charnaud
A later (1910s?) photo of the same football team (‘Smyrna’?) as above, location unknown. Jim Giraud and Edwin Charnaud are the only two players to feature in both photographs - hover over faces for names.
A player signed photograph of one of the first all Turkish player clubs from 1910, however with a French name ‘Phénix’ [Phoenix] possibly to conceal this identity before the 1908 constitutional revolution, or the club may have had an earlier history, founded by local French speaking Levantines? The person sitting on the left is Abidin Daver Bey - the other signatories are not currently identified (Fevzi, H. Hulki, Ali Cafer, Mahmud and the ex-Captain and one of the club founders Yusuf Ziya Bey) - taken at the ‘Resne’ (Istanbul) photographers, as indicated in the Ottoman script.
The caption is in Eastern Armenian reads: Team ot the football club Dork in Bolis/Istanbul. In the centre: Vahan Tchéraz, photograph taken in the 1910s.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The Apollon Smyrna Greek football team, the upper one from 1919, the lower one 1921-22.
A flyer announcing a football match between two Istanbul Greek football teams in 1923, from the neighbourhoods of Pera (Beyoğlu) and Tatavla (Kurtuluş). The Pera team may have English Levantine origins with a name that maybe derived from ‘Foster’? - more early Istanbul football history in this Facebook page:
A photo postcard from 1919 showing a football match between from the name clearly a Jewish team ‘Maccabi’ and the British Wanderer team that was the local Bornova team which boasted players from the La Fontaine and Whittall families. The playing field was by the Greek Orthodox cemetery of Michael Archon (Archangel) of Darağaç, as can the tombstones be seen in the distance. This field was at the time home to Panionios (the local Greek team) and is today’s Altay Alsancak stadium. Presumably this was used in other matches of the area as well as attested by the outline of the cypress trees in the background of the top photos. The chimney in the background belonged to Şark Sanayi, a major cotton thread manufacturer - information courtesy of Andrew Simes.
image courtesy of Enrichetta Micaleff
Altay Football Team, mid 1940s. The 4th from right to left: Charles Micaleff, the 5th: Edwin Clarke and the 6th: Joe Clarke.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Altay Football Team Levantines mid 1940s. From left: Charles Micaleff, Edwin Clarke and Joe Clarke - image courtesy of Andrew Simes.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
October 1971, a friendly football match played between the Levantines of Alsancak and the crew of the British Royal Yatch on the occasion of the Queen’s visit to Izmir. The location is the NATO Aegean command centre at Kızılçullu (Little Paradise) the former International College.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The Levant United team founded in 2008, based in Izmir.

Team members (Levantines in bold):
#1 Frederic Pagy #2 Giuliano Caponi (vice-captain), #3 Mert Papi, #4 Mehmet Zincircioğlu, #5 Ceki Franko, #6 Volkan Kalaycı, #7 Mert Karabilgin, #8 Tibet Erinç, #10 Cağlar Acımaz, #11 Andrew Simes (captain), #12 Can Gürsel, #13 Arda Alasya, #15 Sinan Şan, #17 Sinan Alaba, #20 Sergio Strongoli, #21 Cem Papi, #23 Gürhan Özaltın, #26 Erol Coşardemir, #27 Muammer Berber, #29 Görkem Kaynak, #31 Albano Servisoğlu, #35 Ömer Eren, #69 Livio Angelisanti, #99 Soner İliris.
Manager: Omar Servisoğlu

match schedule thus far:
- Focaspor (Turkish 3rd Division)
- Part of a 6-team league at NATO Headquarters, Izmir (the former International College)
- A.E. Kalamoti (Greek 3rd Division, Chios)
- Istanbul Levantine XI (pending)
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The team during the 2009/10 season:
Left to right: Standing: Andrew Simes (captain), Cihangir Kan, Ceki Franko (vice-captain), Can Sayan, Sinan Alaba, Michaelis Theodoropoulos, Cağlar Acımaz. Seated: Egecan Özsaygılı, Murat Nacar, Erol Coşardemir, İlker İper, Melih Altınkut, Soner İliris (vice-captain), Ömer Eren.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Right click here to download promotional video for the historical progress of football in the Levant prepared by Andrew Simes:
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The champions of the 2009-10 season, Levant United and their cup. The Egeform tournament was put together by a local sports centre, and produced many high standard matches. However, with their organized structure, discipline, and extensive squad, Levant United breezed through to add to their silverware. Supporters came out in numbers to cheer us on in the final.
Click here for the archive cricket in Istanbul photos:
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Results and final league standings for the 2009-10 season Egeform league in which Levant United came tops - facebook page for this team
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Andrew Simes leads the team before they are about to play the Bornova Belediyesi [Municipality] on 24 September 2011, a match that ended in a 3 all draw.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
team photo - from left standing: Andrew Simes, Yiğit Beserler, Mert Arıcan, Cengizhan Yazıcı, Serhat Avcı, Tunc Cumalı, Emre Erisen, Fabio Fantasia, Serdar Yurtalanoğlu, Omar Servisoğlu. kneeling from left: Melih Altınkut, Mehmet Beserler, Cihat Yıldız, Rolando Braggiotti, Eren Kiral, Onur Civan, Efe Eryılmaz, Daniele Capadona.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The Mayor Kamil Sındır presenting the team with a trophy for their participation and below meeting the team members of Levant United.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
Levant United FC are now looking for a new sponsor after their deal with expired in the summer of 2011. Anyone interested in sponsoring the team and advertising on the team shirts can contact Andrew Simes.
In April 2012 Levant United FC has decided to devote a day per week to play football with children suffering from autism and Down Syndrome as a first step towards creating a sister team - get in touch to spread the word and offer your support - pdf info:
Jim Wilkinson unknown Herbert Octavius Whittall unknown Frank Hatton unknown Le Bailley Edward Whittall Clarke Fritz Charnaud Harold Frederick Giraud Oswald Barker Fred Wilkinson Charles Joly Frank Joly Frank Whittall Eddie Whittall, (Edward Sidney Whittall), b. 1888, son of Edward Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna and Mary nee Maltass. George Whittall, (b. 1885, m. 1894 Lorna Pears), later Lt. Col. George Whittall MC, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, son of Herbert Octavius Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna and Louisa nee Maltass. Godfrey Whittall, b. 1882, m. 1911 Winifred Constance Evelyn nee Calvert, and son of Edward Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna, collector and cultivator of wild flowers of Asia Minor and Mary nee Maltass. Donald Whittall, b. 1881, d. 1959, m. 1910 Lilian Gout, one of the 14 children of Richard Watson Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna and Sophia Marie nee Kramer Herbert Whittall, of C. Whittall & Co., Smyrna, b. 1884, d. 1933, m. Grace Pengelley, elder brother of George Whittall. Edwin Charnaud, son of Edwin Stevens Charnaud (who is the son of John Henry Charnaud 1809-1874) and Edith nee Barker, b. 1886, m. Doris Pengelley, with issue. Percy La Fontaine, son of Sydney James William La Fontaine and Edith Amelia nee Whittall, b. 1887, d. 1914 in Tabriz, without issue, m. Marguerite Bonnard Albert Whittall, (the captain), b. 1879, d. 1957, son of Edward Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna, collector and cultivator of wild flowers of Asia Minor and Mary nee Maltass, m. 1904 Agnes Maud Keyser. Herbert Joly Havelock Joly, son of Edwin Sidney Joly and Anna nee Sargologo, m. Adela Charnaud James Giraud Herbert Whittall, b. 1884, d. 1933, son of Herbert Octavius Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna of C. Whittall & Co. and Louisa nee Maltass, m. Grace Pengelley. ? Charlton Whittall, possibly Charlton Arthur Percy Whittall, b. 1884, son of Percy George Whittall and Grace Montford nee Perry. Jack Whittall, possibly Jack Edgar Whittall, b. 1898, son of Percy George Whittall and Grace Montford nee Perry. Godfrey Giraud, b. 1882, m. 1911 Winifred Constance Evelyn nee Calvert, and son of Edward Whittall of Bournabat, Smyrna, collector and cultivator of wild flowers of Asia Minor and Mary nee Maltass. ? Tony Mattheys Eric Whittall, b. 1887, son of Charlton Francis Whittall and Ethel Maud nee Barker Edwin Charnaud, son of Edwin Stevens Charnaud (who is the son of John Henry Charnaud 1809-1874) and Edith nee Barker, b. 1886, m. Doris Pengelley, with issue. Jim Giraud ?