The former Italian Catholic Church of Andrianople / Edirne is located in Kaleiçi district and has been standing since the mid-19th century. The church was planned as a rectangular basilica with rubble stone and bricks construction. The basilica with three aisles is covered with a timber roof. The annexe of the building has rectangular windows surrounding the four sides. The church was restored by the Governor of Edirne. Today the church is used as a multi-purpose hall of a school. Images courtesy of Franziska Schleyer, 2014.

The Latin text translates (courtesy of Guido Buldrini): To the [Holy] Trinity One Lord shall be praised and everlasting glory now and in eternal and exultation, honour and laudation to the miraculous St Anthony from Padua to whom this temple - with pious donations of all the Catholics of this city, on the initiative of the Minor Conventual [living in convent] Friars of St. Francis and with cooperation and direction of the benefactor Mr. Bartolomeo Badetti – was built from foundations in the year of the Lord 1852. - more on the Badetti family:

Andrianople / Edirne postcard views - Views of the former French Catholic Church of Bursa