Earthquakes were another of the challenges foreign visitors and Levantine settlers had to content with in the Levant, in addition to other threats such as disease and banditry. Clearly the trade opportunities outweighed these risks to make these moves to the East worth their while. There are very few references of Levantines being killed or even injured by these quite regular earthquakes and the probable explanation is that being generally more prosperous than the general native population, they lived in houses that withstood these shocks better.

Caption: Smyrna March 26 1928. Vue of damaged chimneys.
The factory in the distance on the left is possibly the former gas-works and on the right the waterworks.

Caption: Smyrna March 26 1928. Damaged houses.

Caption: Smyrna March 26 1928. Ruined factory, belong to us but not working.

Caption: Smyrna March 26 1928. People sitting out waiting for next shock.

Caption: Smyrna March 26 1928. Damaged grain store.

These images all dated 26 March 1928 from the Izmir and its industrial zone (Mersinli etc.) are of a set annotated in English, probably a local Levantine who had business interests as many of the photos depict the damage to industrial buildings, perhaps some of which he had a stake in.

Images of the 1930 flood of Izmir