Examples from the Brian de Jongh’s photo album
A view possibly of Buca
This appears to be taken in Smyrna, possibly looking down from Değirmen tepe (corresponding to modern upper section of Varyant). According to Cenk Berkant this photo must have been taken pre 1850-1 as the first Moslem hospital of the city, Gureba-i Muslimin (based on the dates in Ruchan Bubur’s “Izmir Gureba-i Muslimin hastanesi” article), is not visible.

Clearly the above pair of photos were not taken by Brian de Jongh (1912-1977) himself, but possibly handed down from his maternal (through Dora Purser married to Henry Richard de Jongh) grandfather, Edward Purser (1821-1906) chief engineer and general manager of Smyrna-Aidin “Ottoman” Railway.
Source Brian de Jongh through Edward de Jongh