Kandilli’de Tarih [Kandilli in history] – M. Celâlettin Atasoy – Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu – Istanbul, 1982
The Clifton family yali partially burnt down in 1890. This was on the akıntıburnu [peninsula] area of Kandilli.

Küçüksu deresi – from to further downstream
Count Ostragog yalı
Manford house (later Hadi Semi yalı, altered due to restoration)
Lorando yalı (later Dr Orhan Tahsin yalı, later pulled down for a new yalı)
Clifton yalı, later Mehmet İsvan yalı, rebuilt following the 1916 fire.

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Kandilli – Vaniköy road
Cumberbatch mansion
On the high ground along the Kandilli Vaniköy road the mansion belonged to Cyril James Cumberbatch, who was born in Smyrna in 1873. He died in Istanbul in 1944 as a retired man from the British Consulate. His wife was from the Karatodori and Lorando family, lady by the name of Mary. His daughter marries a Hungarian diplomat by the name of Count Reviczky, on whose death she settles in England. To the rear of this mansion, was a garden on terraces with pistachio trees, very ordered with valuable slabs laid out. This was the location where garden parties were given by the Cumberbatches. This building was destroyed when the Vaniköy – Küçüksu road was opened up.

Charles Simpson Hanson Mansion
The tomb of Charles Simpson Hanson, which is about 4-5 metres high, made of bright marble, situated in the British Haydarpasa cemetery, has this inscription: ‘Lived in Turkey for 50 years, and died aged 70 on 15-4-1874 in Kandilli’. Like many others he sought his fortune in the East, arriving in Turkey aged 20. The daughter of the Clifton family who resided for many years in Candilli, Dorina L. Neave, gives the following account (Twenty six years on the Bosphorus; Dorina L. Neave, London 1933) in describing their friends the Hansons:
‘The Charles S. Hanson brought his family from England, first settling them in the mansion he built in Tarabya, and after living here for awhile, sold the property to the British Embassy which wished to build a summer residence here. He moved his family to Candilli, to the house he built on the high ground, and many British families followed his lead to spend summers here.
The wife of Charles S. Hanson, Mrs Marianne Hanson, was much loved and respected and was called ‘Megalo Madame’. Their daughter was called Dot.
Charles S. Hanson, had good links with the British community of the city and was a successful businessman. The British soldiers who were on their way to the war in Crimea, as they couldn’t find a bank, would entrust their money with him. Later Hanson was instrumental in aiding the establishment of the Ottoman bank in 1863. He also assisted in the establishment of the Scutari hospital for the treatment of Turkish and British Crimean wounded, and became friendly with Florence Nightingale. He also encouraged the Turkish government to create a coastal road link to Bursa.’
It was Charles Simpson Hanson who encouraged his friend George Clifton to come to Constantinople.
According to the old folk in Kandilli, the Hanson mansion was at the high flat point of Hanımoğlu Yokuşu Sokağı, and the current building is known as the Fatih Efendi Köşk.

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This Yalı on the Kandilli waterfront was bought at around 1900 by a Count from Poland, Leon Valerien Ostrorog and has since been known by his name since. He was a legal advisor to the Ottoman Government and married the daughter of an Istanbul Italian Levantine family, Jeanne Lorando. Both husband and wife are buried at Feriköy Catholic Cemetery. Amongst the visitors to this property at the time were Pierre Loti, Claude Farrere and Georges Pompideu. This building is now owned by Rahmi Koç who financed an extensive restoration and history investigation of the building and former owners.

Mehmet Emin Paşa Yalı in Kandilli.

Edip Efendi Yalı at Akıntıburnu (current corner) in Kandilli.

Edip Efendi Yalı in former times, this is the house where Dorina Neave, the author of ‘Twenty-six years on the Bosphorus’, lived.

The former Manford House which was bought in early republican times by the Greek shipping magnate Licardopulos, later passing on to the lawyer Hadi Bey, whose name is now referred to as the designation for this yalı. This yalı is a neighbour of the Ostrorog yalı as seen from the archive aerial view below.

View from Yaniköy to Kandilli.

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