This page displays old photos of Baloumian family (former residents of Villa Paradiso) and installations of portraits/found objects which Tom Young assembled for his exhibition ‘Carousel’ in 2013 - when the house was open to the public for the first time.

Also shown below is an installation about Mardiros Baloumian - including original copies of his book ‘Hamamarte’ (his testimony of survival from the Armenian Genocide and a socio-political vision for a ‘Universal Man’ - translation:). This is on exhibition now (November 2017 - January 2018) as part of Tom Young’s ‘Revival’ exhibition at the house - by invitation of the current resident of the house - Christina Lassen, Ambassador for the European Union in Lebanon.

Tom Young displayed the book and installation in the precise place in the house where Mardiros wrote it at the end of his life.

Family on the balcony - Viken, Jan & Alice

Family on the balcony - Dikran, Dzovig, Aghavni & Alice

Mardiros Baloumian article

Dede’s [Grandfather’s] books and files

Baloumian installation

Central hall

Carousel exhibition

Painting villa Paradiso

Villa Paradiso

Lost houses of Beirut gallery:

Interview with Tom Young: