image courtesy of Maximilian Hartmuth
The region of the former ‘Serpentine road’, is still mostly clear of buildings, so pinpointing the former Baker house shouldn’t be impossible.
image courtesy of Maximilian Hartmuth
However looking into the mini valley by the castle shows a cluster of buildings hiding amongst the trees. The trees in the middle left appear to be cedars, so possibly (?) the stone building on the left, just below Robert College, was the Baker house as most houses here are modern, and the older wooden ones are built in classic Turkish yalı style. Mr. Harmuth’s preliminary investigations suggest this building to be one of the 2 schools in the area.
Close ups of the possible former George Baker house.
An aerial view of the valley behind the fortress, with the former Tubini house visible in brilliant white and the possible former George Baker residence at the centre of the image.
Close up of the former Tubini house, now by the back entrance of the Bogazici University.