Selection of British military aerial photos from 1919-23 period.
General view looking towards the Golden Horn and walled city of Constantinople with Galata / Pera in the foreground.
The Golden Horn bridge.
The walled city with Hagia Sophia the major building visible.
Dolmabahçe Palace and Beşiktaş.
Sarayburnu / Topkapı / Hagia Sophia.
Robert College and Rumeli Hisar - postcard views.
The cruiser Goeben (renamed Yavuz) in the bay of Istinye on the Bosphorus.
Üsküdar (Skutari).
Haydarpaşa barracks.
Haydarpaşa / Kadiköy - postcard views.
Kadiköy / Moda - postcard views.
Kadiköy / Maltepe.